Land purchase

B1. Purchase of 11 ha in lakeside plots surrounding the Boada lagoon.

The Boada de Campos lagoon consists of 60.66 ha of wetlands. The main basin is property of the Town Council of Boada, but surrounding the wetland are several plots of land that formerly belonged to the original lagoon and are subject to temporary flooding, causing losses to the farmers.

Fundación Global Nature has purchased 11.95 ha thanks to donations and grants. On these stretches of land, the characteristic wetland vegetation has been restored. The remaining land belongs to farmers (11 ha) in 14 plots which give rise to endless management problems. Negotiation with farmers is constantly necessary over compensation for flooding on their plots, while the land cannot be restored to natural wetland vegetation as it is still being cultivated. It is envisaged to purchase these 11 ha and permanently integrate the land in environmental conservation projects.



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